When Is the Best Time to Do a Pool Remodel?

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When Is the Best Time to Do a Pool Remodel?

The best time for using your swimming pool is in the heat of the summer. But when is the best time to remodel it? Should it be in the winter, when you won’t be using the pool? Or should you do those renovations in the summer, when the weather is warmer? Check out this blog to learn the best time for pool remodeling in Katy, TX, as well as other factors you should consider when deciding on the timing of your upgrade.

Pool Condition above All Else

The very first thing we want to touch on is your pool’s condition. If your pool needs to be remodeled because it’s cracked, damaged, or severely outdated, then the right time to get it renovated is right now! It would help if you didn’t let a pool with severe surface damage go unrepaired. So, even if it’s right in the middle of the peak swimming season, you should call to get it drained and renovated now rather than later. It’s better to get your pool in good shape now rather than allowing cracks and leaks to get worse over the summer.

Season of the Year

Of course, the time of year does matter a little bit. As we mentioned earlier, you want to use your swimming pool the most in the summer, so unless your pool is in deplorable condition, you should try to schedule that renovation for a different time of year. Immediately before or after the peak swimming season is typically ideal—so, the spring or fall. While winter can work for some kinds of renovations, frigid weather might impact things like pouring concrete or gunite for your pool’s framing.

Length of Time for Renovation

When you’re talking to a pool contractor, ask them about how long they expect the project to take. Depending on how extensive your renovations are, you’ll want to schedule your upgrade for a time of year where it is unlikely to push into any time that you’ll be using your swimming pool.

For example, let’s say you want an extensive renovation that will take about two months to accomplish. You should probably schedule that renovation for March, so it’s ready before Memorial Day when summer officially starts. If you can’t make that happen, push it out until September, when the kids go back to school, and the weather begins to cool down. The pool will be used a lot less at this time. A more comprehensive renovation will need to start earlier in the year if you want to do it before peak swimming season, while shorter projects can be started in April or even May.

Planning for Delays

When scheduling the start of your project, it’s a good idea to always plan for delays. Of course, we do our absolute best to stay on schedule, but some unforeseen circumstances do sometimes arise. Issues like delayed permits or previously unnoticed damage to the pool can extend the timeframe of your project. So, if you want the pool done by a specific date, get it started at least a week earlier than you think you should.

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Start Working with a Contractor Now

The most important thing to know is that it’s never too early to begin working with a pool designer on your pool’s renovation. We tend to get very busy with pool projects in the lead-up to summer, so if you want to ensure that you can fit your project into our schedule, contact us right away to begin work on your pool renovations in Katy, TX!

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  1. Kristofer Van Wagner

    I appreciate that this post shared that when looking for pool remodeling service , it is important that we consider their reputation. It makes sense as it will impact the quality. I will definitely remember this information when I survey for contractors.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that we need to ask the pool contractor when the project will take to know when is the best time to get a pool renovation. I will tell my husband about this because we wanted to make the area bigger by next year. It will help us have more space to do our laps as our workout option.

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