The Ultimate Pool Features for a Luxurious Swimming Experience

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The Ultimate Pool Features for a Luxurious Swimming Experience

Having a pool in your backyard is already a serious upgrade over one without. But what if you want to take that backyard pool to the next level? What if you want a truly luxurious experience and a resort-like look at your swimming pool? Well, it all comes down to having the right features in your pool design. If you want to know which parts you should include for a luxury pool design in your own backyard, check out these suggestions from our pool builders in Katy, TX.

Perimeter Overflow

Few pools are more glamorous or luxurious than an infinity pool. Of course, that dramatic, edgeless overflow is challenging to do in a backyard setting. But you can achieve a similar effect with a perimeter overflow instead. Rather than having the water flow over one edge to a dramatic drop-off, the water flows over all 4 of its sides into a hidden slot or catch basin. The water is then recycled back into the pool via the pump system.

This design gives you that beautiful, edgeless look all-around your pool that is so stunning in an infinity pool. The beauty of the water constantly flowing over all of its edges is captivating to both the eyes and the ears, creating a wonderful experience every time you set foot in your backyard.


Perhaps you want a more natural yet still luxurious pool in your yard. A cave feature is a perfect way to achieve this. You can literally design your own grotto getaway by building a cave on one end of your pool. Include a waterfall cascading down in front of it, and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a hidden paradise as you slip back into your beautiful cave and relax behind the falling water.

Depending on the size of your cave, you can include other features inside of it as well, such as built-in seats or even a swim-up bar for an authentic resort feel. Or, you can simply add some colored lights for a lovely, intimate spot in your own swimming pool.

Fire Features

Water features aren’t the only thing you can add to your swimming pool. Why not add an entirely different element by working fire features into the design of the pool’s deck? There are countless fire features to choose from, including fire pits, bowls, troughs, and torches. All of these add beauty and drama to your pool space while also providing functional lighting for entertaining and gathering with your friends and family.

Your Own Tropical Oasis

Automatic Cover

An automatic cover might not add much flair to your swimming pool, but its functionality simply can’t be beaten. Cleaning and maintaining a pool is a lot of work, and covering your pool up when it’s not in use is one of the best ways to minimize that work. Putting on a pool cover reduces evaporation of the water, helps keep chemical levels in check and prevents leaves and other debris from falling in the water—all of which makes it easier to maintain.

Plus, a sturdy automatic cover (though not designed to hold weight) can provide a bit extra safety if you have small children, as they’ll fall on the pool cover instead of into the water if they happen to get into the pool area unattended.

If you want a backyard pool that’s more of a retreat than a water-filled hole in the ground, contact Suncor Outdoors today. Our Katy pool builders can create stunning original pool designs to give you the luxurious pool you’ve been dreaming of.

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