Watering Guidelines for Katy/Cypress/Fulshear/Houston and Surrounding Areas

Lawn Watering Guidelines

Proper watering is critical to your lawn’s health and vigor. Deep and infrequent watering is the best practice. This means wetting the soil to a depth of 3‐5 inches per irrigation. This equates to ½” of irrigation at a time.

Water during the morning rather than in the afternoon or evening; this allows the leaf blades to dry and reduces the risk of disease.     Do not water every day or two. Frequent, short watering encourages shallow roots, unhealthy grass plants and turf susceptible to drought and disease.

Let the turf determine watering frequency. Since heat, humidity, and rainfall can vary, it’s best to water at the first signs of stress, not on a predetermined schedule.    As a note,  St. Augustine turf has poor drought tolerance and requires irrigation to survive during our long hot summers.

*Water newer flowers 3 to 4 times per week for no more than 5 minutes.

**Water newer trees using soaker hoses or direct hose drips once every couple of weeks.

Here are some guidelines and general tips to keep in mind when preparing your watering schedule. Each lawn / landscape is different and you should always check local weather conditions when planning.

Summer Months / Dry Periods

(Normally June through mid to late September)

  • When do I water? Early morning (5am to 10am)
  • How often do I water? It is best to water deeply, less frequently. Consult the temperature guide below.
  • How much do I water? Most lawns require 1″ to 1.25″ of water per week, split over several days.

Winter Months / Rainy Periods

(Normally November to February and May to June)

  • When do I water? Water only during the daytime hours. Avoid water overnight.
  • How often do I water? If there is no rain for weeks, use manual cycle and water as needed (no more than once every 1-2 weeks).
  • How much do I water? Your run times should be adjusted based on how dry your yard is. Winter watering should have run times 50% less than your summer run schedule.
Irrigation spray head averages
Head type Minutes per week Amount of water
Pop-up spray head 25-35 minutes 1″
Rotary spray head 50-70 minutes 1″

Overall Temperature Guide
Temperature Frequency of water
60° F Every 7 – 10 days
70° F Every 6 days
80° F Every 5 days
90° F Every 4 days
Over 95° F Every 3 days

General Watering Guidelines:

Guidelines for January & February

Late Winter/Early Spring – Rainfall is usually adequate.

Water if no rainfall for four weeks.

Guidelines for March, April, & May

Water only once per week in the spring, if less than one inch of rainfall occurs.

Guidelines for June, July, August & Early September

During the summer, water each section heavily at least twice a week if less than one inch rainfall.

Guidelines for Late September & October — REDUCE WATER FREQUENCY!

Early Fall is Brown Patch Season and excess water triggers this disease. During September water only once per week if no rainfall and every two weeks in October if no rain.

Guidelines for November & December

In late fall/early winter, rainfall is usually adequate. Water if no rainfall for four weeks

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