Pool Remodels & Renovations

Don't Write That Old Pool Off Just Yet!

If you have an old pool that’s damaged or simply outdated, don’t write it off just yet. Our pool experts can repair cracked and damaged pools so that they’re good as new. We offer pool replastering for any cracks or other surface issues that might be causing your pool to leak. Or, if you want to upgrade your pool and bring it into the 21st Century, we offer total pool renovations as well. Whatever your pool needs, Suncor Outdoors can help!

Pool Renovation Services Include:

Remodeling, Renovation & Replasters

We set ourselves apart from other companies when it comes to remodeling with our attention to detail, on-site supervisors and highly trained, skilled crews. We can take your pool from a new tile, coping, and plaster to a complete redesign. We can change waterfalls to stone walls weeping water and we can even add a water feature to a pool that doesn’t have one, like a spa! We can take a pool built 20 years ago or more and bring them into the 21st century with all the new looks and technologies.

What else can we do?

We can re-plumb your pool to ensure proper circulation as well as bringing your pool up to code to ensure your family’s safety. We can refit your equipment to help you save money year after year. We are proud installers of Pentair equipment. Pentair has gone very green with their equipment, including variable speed pumps and efficient pool heaters to help you save money on your utilities. We can also automate your equipment and let you control water features, spa controls, lights, and heaters with just a touch of a button or from your phone. Ready to learn more?