Trendy Swimming Pool Remodeling Ideas

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Trendy Swimming Pool Remodeling Ideas

Trends are constantly changing. There’s always something new just around the corner, from fleeting trends in fashion and hairstyles to longer-lasting trends in home design. If you’re installing a new swimming pool or if you’re considering some pool renovations in Katy, TX, it certainly doesn’t hurt to brush up on the latest trends in pool design. While the most important thing is always designing a pool that fits your needs—not the current trends—you might get some inspiration and ideas for what you want your swimming pool to look like.

Rain Descents

Waterfalls have always been a popular water feature for swimming pools. They create a beautiful visual element while adding a relaxing sound to your space. But lately, people have been giving this popular pool feature an upgrade by opting for rain descents instead. What is a rain descent, you ask?

These water features are similar to a waterfall, but rather than having a constant stream or sheet of water, rain descends out for a trickle instead. Creating gaps in how the waterfalls change both the sound and the visual aesthetic of the water feature. They’re becoming a popular, modern upgrade for many swimming pools.

LED Lighting

Of course, lights are essential for any nighttime swimming that you plan to do. But when it comes to upgrading your swimming pool, many pool owners are giving the lights an upgrade too. LED lights can be used to provide safe swimming at night and create a relaxing ambiance for your evening gatherings.

Modern lighting in pools is also a lot more energy efficient than older lights and can be upgraded for more convenient operation with a remote or even your smartphone. You can program your lights to glow in different colors, attach them to a timer, and other smart upgrades.

Tile Inlay

If you’re looking for a style upgrade that brings your pool into the modern era, then tile inlays are the way to go. Pool tiles can come in countless colors, so they’re a great way to add a personal touch to your pool design. You can choose tiles in a single color to create a uniform look, design a mosaic masterpiece, or create bursts of color in various areas around your pool. The choice is up to you!

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Lazy Rivers

If you’re looking for a luxury design for your pool and you have the space for it, a lazy river is sure to be a feature you’ll love. This popular pool feature typically seen at public pools and resorts has been making its way into backyards recently, and homeowners love it. Lazy rivers are a fun feature for the kids and a great place for adults to relax on a raft or float. Pool contractors can often work in much smaller spaces than you might imagine to give you your very own backyard lazy river.

Whether you’re installing a new pool or upgrading an existing one, these four design trends can provide you with great inspiration for your pool design. If you’re ready to start working on your pool design or pool remodeling in Katy, TX, contact Suncor Outdoors today. Our expert designers and installers will work with you to create a pool that perfectly suits your needs, whether these new trends are a part of it or not. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment with a professional swimming pool designer!

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