Planning a Pool: Top Questions and Tips to Get Started

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Planning a Pool: Top Questions and Tips to Get Started

Installing a new pool in your backyard is more than just a big investment—it’s a major undertaking that requires a lot of time, effort, and planning. Before you dive into this project (pun intended), it’s important that you ask the right questions and consider all of the important factors regarding your new pool installation. Keep reading to learn what you should know before you start working with pool companies in Katy, TX.

Why Do You Want a Pool?

It may seem like a silly question. After all, if you’ve decided you want a pool, does the reason behind it really matter? But in reality, the reason you want a pool can impact the design of your pool. Do you want a pool for swimming laps for exercise? Then you’ll need a rectangular pool for easy tracking of the distance you’ve done. Do you want a relaxing, calming place to get some sun? Then a sunbathing area with a nearby water feature might be what you need.

You should also think about who will be using the pool. If you have kids who will frequently be swimming in your new pool, you’ll want to give extra consideration to the pool depth and any extra safety features you need to make it safe for your kids. Understanding why you want your pool can point you in the right direction of what your pool should look like.

Where Will It Go in Your Yard?

Even before you speak to a contractor, it’s a good idea to take a look at your backyard and try to envision where a pool will best fit in your space. If your yard is small or oddly shaped, it might take some extra work to fit in a usable pool. But having a good idea of where you want your pool to fit will help you to discuss your design options with your pool installer. Of course, ultimately, you’ll want them to come to your backyard as well and help you make a final decision about the best location. We can help with determining the locations of underground pipes and lines to ensure that the location you prefer will be a safe and feasible spot for your pool.

What Shape and Style Do You Want?

Answering the above two questions will start pointing you in the right direction regarding the shape and style of your pool. But if your usage and yard don’t place too many restrictions on your pool’s size and shape, you can get a bit more creative with your pool’s design. But regardless of your pool’s size, you’ll still have some decisions to make regarding the final design style.

Katy Pool BuildersDo you want something natural that makes your pool look like a forest hideaway? Then you’ll want natural rock features and materials that blend with the landscape. Want something sleek and modern? A pool with straight lines, contrasting material colors, and chrome accents can be just the trick. Discuss your style preferences with a professional pool designer, and they can help you come up with something that suits your tastes.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom pools in Katy, TX, contact us at Suncor Outdoors to speak with one of our experienced pool designers today. We have years of experience designing and building pools of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether you want something simple and functional or an elaborately designed retreat, we can help. We’ll discuss your pool needs, budget and schedule a time to inspect your yard so that we can begin working on a design together.

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