Correcting a Poorly Built Pool With a Pool Remodel

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Correcting a Poorly Built Pool With a Pool Remodel

What Happened To Your Pool?

Finding a pool contractor to build your dream pool is not always an easy task. Doing research about the company you intend to hire is a vital part of the process. So you vetted a contractor, entered in the contractor, and the pool was built. But what if it wasn’t what you expected? What if the contractor never came back to address concerns and provide warranty on problems that arose only months after install?

Believe it or not, this DOES happen! And it happens more frequently than  it should. One of our now clients happened to be put right in the middle of a situation just like this. Instead of receiving the pool he had been dreaming of, he received something much less that lacked on quality and wasn’t a representation of his vision.

Below are some videos outlining some items that you shouldn’t see in a pool build, and things that we here at Suncor Outdoors have set out to repair, replace and correct as necessary to make our customers vision come to life the way it was intended to be.

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