How to Build a Luxury Pool to Complete Your Backyard

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How to Build a Luxury Pool to Complete Your Backyard

A swimming pool is a wonderful backyard upgrade. But if you truly want to transform your backyard, then you need more than a swimming pool—you need a luxury pool. Yes, there is a difference between swimming pools and luxury pools in Katy, TX. But what is it? What sets a regular pool apart from a luxury one? Keep reading to learn how to build a true luxury pool in your own backyard.

The Right Material

There are generally three options to choose from for building an in-ground pool: vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete (also called gunite). Vinyl liners and fiberglass pool shells are typically cheaper than gunite; however, they also wear out more quickly and are prone to cracking and tearing. Additionally, they often come premade, which means you can’t truly customize your pool.

A luxury pool maintains its beauty for years and is designed and installed to blend well with your backyard; this requires customization and durability that the previous two options don’t offer. This means that the only choice for a true luxury pool is gunite.

The Right Design

As we already mentioned, a luxury pool isn’t a cookie-cutter, premade form you set into the ground. It’s custom-designed to fit your home’s aesthetic and the space requirements of your landscaping. This, of course, means that there’s no booklet of designs that qualify as being luxury pools. Rather, the right design for a luxury pool is one that complements your home’s façade, your other landscaping features, and your personal lifestyle and design preferences. In other words, a luxury pool is designed exclusively for you.

The Right Equipment

All swimming pools require some kind of equipment to keep the water clean and usable, so it’s not something unique to luxury pools. But a pool sure feels a lot less luxurious if you’re sweating in the hot sun with a skimmer every day, trying to clean it out.

If you want to take your pool to the next level, get the right maintenance equipment to make cleaning and maintaining your pool easier. For starters, make sure you have the right filter for your pool system. You can usually choose between paper cartridge filters and DE filters; consult with your pool builder to determine which works best for your pool, as well as the right size and capacity.

Additionally, talk about add-on equipment, like automatic pool covers, automatic refillers, and robotic pool cleaners to minimize the effort it takes to keep your pool sparkling clean all year long.

Luxury Pool Builders Katy TXThe Right Decking

No pool design is complete without a deck and other surrounding features. These should be just as luxurious in their design as the pool itself. The deck and landscaping should complement the pool in every way, turning it into a perfect oasis in your backyard. Depending on your pool design, your deck might use natural-looking stones for the decking or sleek, white slabs; the surrounding features might include waterfalls or bubble fountains. Again, it’s all about creating a design unique to you.

If you’re ready to build a luxury pool, contact Suncor Outdoors. We’re one of the top pool builders in Katy, TX, and we can help you design the perfect pool from scratch. Call us today!

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  1. Equipment definitely matters when it comes to designing pools, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get them all on my own. If we’re to make our pool area an attractive place for our family to relax during summer, I bet that equipment like jacuzzis and other kinds of water fixtures will be required. I’ll definitely look for a pool deck expert in the area so they can help me get everything we need installed.

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