Fall/Winter Is the Best Time to Design New Pool for Next Summer

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Fall/Winter Is the Best Time to Design New Pool for Next Summer

Many people start thinking about whether or not they want a pool when the weather starts to warm up. Come springtime, people are dreaming of summer, and the idea of having their own pool can start to sound really appealing. But spring actually isn’t the right time to start thinking about pool installation in Katy, TX. Believe it or not, you should start thinking about installing your own swimming pool when the weather starts to cool down, not when it’s starting to heat up. Keep reading to find out why fall and winter are the best times for this kind of work.

Take Time to Get It Right

Sticking a prefabricated pool in the ground can be done quickly. But if you want a custom pool that works perfectly with your landscape, creating that design takes time. It involves a full redesign of all of your landscape—one that doesn’t just find the most convenient place for your pool, but the best place for it. Then, the rest of the yard can be designed around your new pool to create a beautiful finished product.

If custom is something you’re interested in, starting earlier is always better. This gives you the time to get it right, to work out all the little details that will make your new pool truly perfect. An investment this big deserves the time it takes to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Take Advantage of the Slow Season

Like we said, a lot of people start thinking about pool installation in the spring. This means we start to get very busy with the warmer weather. Things slow down significantly in the fall and winter, making it a great time to sit down with a pool designer and get started on creating your pool. While we strive to give every client the attention they need, no matter how busy we are, you can meet with us more frequently and more easily on your schedule in the fall and winter.

And we’re not the only ones who slow down in fall and winter. Permit offices get less busy, too, since many people focus on renovations and upgrades of all kinds in the spring and summer. By applying for construction permits in fall and winter, you can likely get them cleared much faster than you would in spring and summer.

Enjoy It for Longer

When you start building a pool in the spring, odds are, you’re going to miss out on many months where the weather is warm enough to use your pool. Here in Texas, pool season starts fairly early. If you start on your pool design now and get into our schedule, your pool will most likely be finished early on in the warmer season. This gives you many more months to enjoy that new pool, instead of only getting to use it for a month or so before the weather gets too cold.

If custom swimming pools in Katy, TX, are appealing to you, then don’t wait too long to start working on your pool design. Fall and winter are the ideal time to get started, so contact one of our pool designers today to start creating your custom swimming pool.

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