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Custom - Luxury - Pool Builder - Katy, TX

For over forty years, Suncor Outdoors has been designing and installing custom luxury swimming pools of every kind throughout Katy, TX and surrounding areas. From basic backyard swimming pools to pools that one might see in a resort, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a design that fits your needs and your budget without sacrificing on quality.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter pool designs that you can find in any backyard in Texas. We custom design in-ground pools to perfectly fit your backyard, your family’s needs, and your unique style preferences. Our in-house pool designer works with you from start to finish to create the perfect design. And our on-site superintendents keep you informed throughout every step of the pool installation.

Suncor Outdoors’ small-company feel gives you personalized attention from the first steps of your design all the way through the construction process. We understand that this is a large investment for you and your family. As such, we  ensure that you are well informed throughout the process so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a quality product by a trustworthy installer. We make the effort that makes the difference!

Designed for You, Your Home & Your Family

At Suncor Outdoors, we understand that everyone’s tastes are unique, and we want to create a one-of-a-kind pool just for you. What makes us the best pool builders around? We’re committed to creating the perfect pool design for every customer. We discuss your budget, your family’s needs, and your design preferences while also considering the design of your home’s exterior, your yard’s layout, and your other landscaping features. It allows our expert pool designers to create a stunning pool perfectly suited for you, your home, and your family.

We take the time to talk to you and get to know what you want in a pool. We don’t tell you what pool works for you. We let you tell us what you need and work to make it happen. Custom design is our specialty, and we’ll ensure that your pool’s design is perfect for you, down to the last stone or tile.

A Reputation You Can Rely On

When it comes to Katy pool companies, you won’t find a name as trusted as Suncor Outdoors. We invite you to examine our portfolio of custom pools that we’ve designed and built, and to speak with past customers about their experiences with their own new pool construction. We’re confident that you’ll find happy customers and beautiful luxury pools throughout Katy, designed and installed by our professionals. When it comes to custom in-ground pools, nobody does it better than Suncor Outdoors.

Contact us today to get started with creating your one-of-a-kind pool design!

The Construction Process and What to Expect from Start to Finish

The construction process can be very intimidating, but that’s where Suncor Outdoors excels above other pool builders. We prioritize each pool as if it’s the only pool we’re building. We want the construction process to be fun, informative, and effortless for you. And when your project is completed, we want you to know that we are still here for you. Read on below to see exactly how the pool construction process works.

2022 Waller, V opt 3_004
Initial Consultation & Design

At your first consultation, we aim to find out what you are looking for in a pool and things you would like to see in the pool’s design. We also establish a budget so we know just what we can accomplish with the design and pool installation. We will take some photos of your backyard and collect a plot survey of your property. This will help our designer design the pool to fit just right in your backyard. After the design has been completed, you will receive various photos of the pool as well as a 3D video. This will give you a very close idea of how the pool will look at completion. Unsure of the design? Don’t worry, our designer will work with you on revisions to get it exactly as you imagined it!


Once the design is finalized and the contract is signed, we move on to the pre-construction phase. In this phase we focus on approvals needed to start building a pool. Most homes will require HOA approval from their neighborhood. We provide you with the full packet needed to submit to your HOA. For homes within city limits that require a building permit, we will take care of the permit packets and submissions on your behalf.

2022 Waller, V opt 32d_001
pool layout
Layout & Utility Locating

During the layout phase, we mark the pool in your backyard with stakes, paint and rope. Once the layout is approved, we call Texas811 and our private locate company to come out and mark utilities like gas, electric and communication lines so we know if any reroutes may be needed prior to digging.

Excavation (Dig)

Dig day is here! This is an exciting day in the process. Our dig crew brings in the excavator to begin digging out the ground based on your pool design. The majority of pool digs are completed in just a few hours. It’s the first time you officially see your “hole in the ground”. During this phase we set the grade of your pool to make sure it’s elevation is level with your home. Our dig crew will carve the walls and pool floor to fit your design.

waller dig
Steel (Rebar)

We install #3 rebar in our pools 8″ on center. For our bond beams we use a #4 rebar. Deck dowels are installed to connect the gunite shell to the pool deck at a later phase. All of our steel is hand tied to prevent movement and support. 

Plumbing Stub

During the plumbing stub, our crews install items that need to be inside the pool wall and covered with gunite. This includes items like return pipes, main drains, skimmers, jets and returns in spas, light niches and any pipes for water features that may be set in raised beams.

waller plumb stub
waller gunite
Gunite (Pool Shell)

This is one of our favorite days in the process! Gunite day is when your pool truly comes to life. Gunite is shot by crew members as other members begin smoothing and hand trimming the walls, benches, steps and any other features in your pool. By the end of the application, your pool will have officially taken form.

To cure the gunite, you will water the shell of the pool twice a day for 10 days. This is called water curing, and is extremely important for the longevity of your pool shell.

Masonry (Tile, Coping & Stone)

 While the gunite cures, the masonry work begins. Your coping (stone around the perimter of your pool) is installed, as well as your waterline tile. Stone or tile, depending on your selection, will be installed around your spa, on raised beams or on any columns. This is also when any rock work would be installed.

waller masonry
new cement swimming pool constructionBuilding and Construction
Plumbing, Electrical & Gas

During this stage our plumbers and electrician will trench around the pool to install all of your plumbing and electrical runs. This includes your return lines, drain lines, water feature lines, spa return and air lines, gas lines (if you have a heater or spa) and electrical conduit for all of your pool lights. 


Our plumbers will install and plumb up your equipment pack while installing all of your plumbing runs. This includes all the equipment included with your pool to allow it run efficiently and effectively. We are proud installed of Pentair Pool Equipment. Your pool equipment pack includes a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

waller equipment
waller deck
Pool Deck

There are many different options for pool decks. The deck stage of construction will look a little different depending on the type of deck you have in your project. We may be pouring concrete for an overlay, or we may be installing stabilizing sand for pavers.

Prior to any type of deck being installed we will run your deck drainage. Deck drainage is important to keep water running away from your pool surround and home. 

Plaster (Pool Interior Surface)

We finish our pools with a pebble aggregate plaster for longevity. We have a variety of different plaster colors and options, like adding glass (bimini) or even abalone shell.

Once the plaster is installed, the plaster receives an acid wash and then we begin to fill! A pool with 1-2 hoses running 24/7 usually takes around 2 to 3 days to completely fill.

waller plaster
Pool Startup

At pool startup, we bring all the chemicals needed to do an acid start up on your new plaster. We also bring you your pool brush, net and testing strips. During the first 10 days of startup, you will need to brush the pool (floor, walls, steps & benches) 2 times a day. This helps clear the plaster dust and start exposing the color of your plaster. Your equipment will be left running 24 hours a day to help circulate and clear the water of dirt and sediment.

Pool School (Completion)

After the 10 days, pool shcool will be scheduled with one of our professionals. They will fine tune your equipment, set up your automoation link, and most importantly, show you how to use your new pool equipment and the app that controls it.

This is where we officially hand your pool over to you. You will need to begin weekly maintenance and chemical balancing on the pool. Written chemical records are imperative to keeping your plaster warranty in tact.

We are ALWAYS here for anything you need in the days/weeks/months/years after completion of your pool. Just give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help!

pentair app rev


Swimming Pool Construction

Below are our most frequently asked questions regarding our swimming pool construction process. If you have any questions you don’t see here. Please get in touch. We’re happy to help with any additional questions you may have.

A custom pool is a pool built to fit your backyard. We don’t offer pre-fabricated or base model pools. All the selections from plaster, to wall tile to decking is custom selected by you. Each pool we design is different based on the needs of our clients. 

Because our pools are all custom designed to fit your backyard and needs specifically, there is not a base price for a pool. A standard size pool and spa combo will generally run between $80-95,000. We do offer free estimates so you can get a full design and price without any obligations to buy. 

Every pool build time can differ depending on a variety of factors like:

  • Size of the project – The larger the project, the longer it can take to build. If you have other outdoor living elements incorporated into your project, like an outdoor kitchen, that can also extend your build time.
  • Permitting – If you project requires a City permit, the build time can take longer because of inspections required during the build.
  • Weather – Mother Nature plays a huge role in the length of time it takes to build a pool. Dry weather means shorter build times. Rain of course can sometimes cause delays in your build.

It generally takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete a pool from the markings to the finishing touches.

The construction process is made up of several steps or segments to properly install your swimming pool. We have compiled all you need to know about the build in our Construction Process Guide. Click here to check out the process.

Most neighborhoods have HOA guidelines and requirements on installing swimming pools. Here at Suncor Outdoors, we strive to make it an easy submission process by putting together your HOA application packet for your to submit. Each HOA application packet includes:

  1. Completed HOA application form
  2. Property survey with swimming pool overlay
  3. 2D pool drawing with all required dimensions
  4. Photos of project

While we don’t offer in-house financing, we do have several lenders who can help. We have lenders who can help with home equity loans and lines of credit, as well as unsecured pools up to $100,000. Click here to view our financing partners.

A deposit of $1,000 will be collected at the time of contract signing. This deposit secures your start time for your project.

When construction begins, we have a payment schedule for each step of the build. A typical payment schedule would be due at dig, due at gunite, options payment, due at deck, and the final check is due at plaster.

Prior to digging, we follow the guidelines of Texas811 to know where and what we are digging. We also contact a private locate company to mark any lines that may need to be moved during the building process. We do our best to ensure no utilities will be disrupted during the process. However; sometimes utility lines can be cut, causing disruption. In the case this occurs, we will ensure the utilities are restored as quickly as possible.

At the completion of the building process you will be provided with a “Pool School”. Pool school is a process you will walk through once the equipment is hooked up. During pool school you will learn about your equipment and your app to control your pool features.

During the initial startup of the pool, we will provide chemicals. After 10 days, you will be required to maintain your pool. We recommend taking a water sample to your local pool store so they can guide you on what chemicals to add to the pool to balance the water chemistry. It is important to learn water chemistry when you have never had a pool, as you will need to ensure it remains in balance weekly.

Don't Write That Old Pool Off Just Yet!

If you have an old pool that’s damaged or simply outdated, don’t write it off just yet. Our pool experts can repair cracked and damaged pools so that they’re good as new. We offer pool replastering for any cracks or other surface issues that might be causing your pool to leak. Or, if you want to upgrade your pool and bring it into the 21st Century, we offer total pool renovations as well. Whatever your pool needs, Suncor Outdoors can help!

Pool Renovation Services Include:

Remodeling, Renovation & Replasters

We set ourselves apart from other companies when it comes to remodeling with our attention to detail, on-site supervisors and highly trained, skilled crews. We can take your pool from a new tile, coping, and plaster to a complete redesign. We can change waterfalls to stone walls weeping water and we can even add a water feature to a pool that doesn’t have one, like a spa! We can take a pool built 20 years ago or more and bring them into the 21st century with all the new looks and technologies.

What else can we do?

We can re-plumb your pool to ensure proper circulation as well as bringing your pool up to code to ensure your family’s safety. We can refit your equipment to help you save money year after year. We are proud installers of Pentair equipment. Pentair has gone very green with their equipment, including variable speed pumps and efficient pool heaters to help you save money on your utilities. We can also automate your equipment and let you control water features, spa controls, lights, and heaters with just a touch of a button or from your phone. Ready to learn more?

What is Outdoor Living?

Outdoor living no longer means just a few folding chairs, a picnic table, and a grill. It means bringing all the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors. Transforming the conventional lawn into green outdoor living space that complements the home and connects it with nature. Texas, with long summer days and cool autumn evenings, provides a perfect environment for outdoor living. As the primary connection to our natural surroundings, yards function as a beautiful, livable extension of the home.

The expansion of your lifestyle into the great outdoors can greatly improve the overall function and beauty of your home, but add value as well. Many elements can make up the broad spectrum of outdoor living, and at Suncor Outdoors, we’re here to turn your backyard into the outdoor living environment you’ve been dreaming of.

How do I find a design that’s right for me?

How do you envision using the outdoor space of your house? Is it bringing the kitchen outdoors? Or a backyard oasis designed for peace and quiet? Or maybe you want the ultimate party pool, big enough for all your family and friends? As you explore deck and patio design ideas, keep in mind that creating a relaxing, stylish outdoor living space or outdoor room can greatly increase the appeal and value of your home and provide an oasis for friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors in supreme comfort.

Our in house designers will help you explore ideas and tweak them to create the outdoor space that best fits you and your family. Our 3D design software can give you a close rendition of how your backyard will be transformed. We work with you to take your vision and make it a reality!

Outdoor Kitchen & Bars

Outdoor kitchens are one of our favorite outdoor living elements! Outdoor kitchen designs can contain as little or as many components as you have space for. Some popular items you will find in an outdoor kitchen are:

An outdoor kitchen has become the final frontier of any renovation project. Let’s be honest, something about grilled food just tastes better! And spending more time in the great outdoors is good for your health. Don’t just take our word for it – science shows that spending more time outside has many health benefits. There are so many benefits to incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your outdoor living space, and here at Suncor Outdoors, we can help recommend the best outdoor kitchen options for your family.


Patio Covers

Second on our list of favorite outdoor living elements are patio covers. Patio covers can be extended from an existing roof line or freestanding. Patio covers can even be built over areas like sunken kitchens & swim-up pool bars. 

Because patio covers provide shade and also shelter from the rain, they make a great space for your family to hang out, eat together, or just lounge and watch the game. They can be constructed in any size and custom designed to fit your backyard space. The most popular use for patio covers is to cover seating areas, dining areas or outdoor kitchens.

Wether you’re looking for a hipped roof cover, gabled patio cover with a chicken-foot, brick or stone wrapped posts, or Hardie finished beams, Suncor Outdoors has you covered! Our covers include everything from lumbar to electrical, fan wiring & install, recessed lights, and paint and shingles to match your existing home.

Fire Pits & Seating

Do you really need a fire pit in Texas? ABSOLUTELY! While we may not need the benefit of the heat of the fire pit during most months, fire pits make a great gathering place in your outdoor living space. There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire pit with family and friends watching the Texas sun set. 

Fire pits can come in many different shapes and sizes. Some families even opt to go with oversized fire pits large enough to cook over the open flame. Others select more modern rectangular designs with a fire strip, instead of the typical fire ring. Any fire pit can contain lava rock as well as decorative glass in an array of sparkling colors.

Built in seating areas and low walls around fire pits also add a great touch to outdoor living spaces. The low walls help to really define the fire pit space while allowing ample space for several people to gather and sit around the fire pit together. 


Pergolas & Arbors

While similar in composition, these are two very different structures that serve different purposes. And, deciding between an Arbor vs Pergola is purely based on your personal preference.

A Pergola is usually larger than an Arbor because it’s made to fit over a patio or deck and serve as a type of enclosure from the elements. A Pergola will commonly be connected to your house or another outdoor structure such as a garage or backyard shed but can also be freestanding.

An Arbor is more of a specially designed seating/resting area for your garden. It’s constructed similarly to a Pergola, but usually much smaller. Most Arbors are covered with lattice or some kind of crisscross design in order to allow for climbing plants and vines.

Both options make great additions to an outdoor living space.


Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has many benefits! Besides being low maintenance, it remains a beautiful green year round without the need for constant watering in this Texas heat. Artificial turf makes a great space for seating, lounging, pool deck surround, kids play areas, and dog runs.

Putting greens are also a popular feature in outdoor living spaces. Putting greens provide a fun activity for your family and guests. They make a great backyard feature that all will enjoy!

Let's talk Landscaping!

When it comes to landscaping, the options are limitless. Are you looking for a perfectly balanced combination of hardscape and softscape? Or maybe you’re after a sustainable landscape design that saves water and creates a natural habitat. Are you selling your home and looking to increase your curb appeal? Or even if you’re just looking to recreate a certain garden style you find appealing… whatever you desire, Suncor Outdoors has a design in mind!

We can install a variety of landscape items including flowers and plants, move plants, re-use shrubs, add rock material and even install fountains! The possibilities are truly endless.

Before After

When you look at your landscape what do you see?

Do you see a lush landscape filled with bright colors that draws your attention from the street to your home? If the answer is “no”, then it may be time to do some landscape updates. When we install or freshen up a landscape we look to enhance your curb appeal with bright colors, lots of greens and thick, full flowerbeds. We can even take it up a notch with rock borders, raised rock walls and even beautiful potted plants.

Our many years of expertise shines in each landscape that we do. In addition to new landscaping installs, refreshing landscapes and landscape updates, we also offer the following services:

Landscaping Lighting

You’ve pulled out all the stops to make your house and yard look first-rate. So why let that hard work disappear at nightfall? With a flick of a switch and some strategically placed landscape lights, you can roll back the darkness and put it all on display!

Done right, landscape lighting makes the best of what you’ve got by highlighting your home’s architectural features and drawing attention to prized plantings and trees.

Sprinkler watering grass

Irrigation & Drainage

We are happy to be a installer of quality irrigation products. We offer irrigation system installation, irrigation repairs, and yearly irrigation system evaluations. We offer free estimates on new system installs and complete system overhauls. 

Drainage issues? Don’t worry, we can help with that too! Our licensed irrigator can assess the needs of your property and install a drainage system that will help route water away from problem issues in your yard and down to the street.

The Greenest Yards On The Block!

We’ve all heard the saying that “The grass is greener on the other side,” right? Well, sometimes that’s true. Not all lawns are exactly the same. At Suncor Outdoors our lawn care plans are uniquely configured to meet the specific needs of your lawn, to get you on the right side and to achieve a lawn you love.

We offer two different types of lawn care and maintenance. We offer a basic program and a full service option. Whatever your needs are, rest assured that our crews will work diligently each week to properly care for your yard. From mowing and weeding to chemical treatments and mulchings, our crews strive to keep your yard looking the greenest on the block.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions regarding our lawn care and maintenance program. If you have any questions you don’t see here. Please get in touch. We’re happy to help with any additional questions you may have.

Basic lawn care includes mowing the grass, edging the property, and weed eating and weeds left in the grass. We also blow any leaves or debris and then haul the clippings. No trash bags full of clippings are left on your property.

Full service lawn care is total lawn care maintenance package. This package is meant to take care of your property, leaving it looking great year round. Our full service packages include:

  • Mowing, Edging and Weed Eating
  • Hand Pulling Weeds in Bed Areas
  • Pruning Shrubs
  • Installing Mulch 2x’s Per Year
  • Applying Fertilizer 3x’s Per Year
  • Installing Flowers 3x’s Per Year
  • Applying Herbicides, Insecticides and Ant Treatments When Needed

Absolutely! We can build you a custom maintenance package that fits your needs and your budget. Select from our variety of services to build you own custom lawn care package. Contact us for your free estimate.

We currently offer weekly service for all lawn care programs during the Spring and Summer months. During the winter months (November-March) we do switch to  a  bi-weekly program.

Yes. You will have a scheduled day of the week for your service. Our crews will arrive at your property the same day of each week.

However; we can’t always help mother nature. If it’s raining on the day of your service,  or there is an act of nature we cannot control that causes us to cease service, we will arrive the following day if conditions allow. If we are unable to return, you will receive a rain day credit.

Our programs are billed on a monthly basis. This takes the hassle out of writing multiple checks and takes the worry out of remembering a payment each week.

We offer several payment options including:

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Zelle
  • Checks

We can also set you up on our auto billing program. Call for more details.

We take all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Holiday!

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. But, if you’re the one that has to climb tall ladders, or spend hours untangling old lights, it can become the most dreaded time of the year.

Decorating the house for the holidays isn’t always an easy task. You’re dragging the ladder out along with countless amounts of lights, garland and wreaths. You spend hours untangling and testing light strands, replacing bulbs, and hanging clips. Why not eliminate all of those hassles and headaches (and possibly a trip to the emergency room) by hiring a professional Christmas light installation company to take care of your Holiday decorating needs?

Let us handle everything from install to takedown.

Our Christmas light installers will ensure that your Christmas décor looks great all season long! We offer free estimate and design consultation. We will be happy to discuss your ideas, and can provide additional ideas as well. We will give you an EXACT price of what it will cost to decorate your home or commercial property.  Our price includes everything. 

We provide all of the lights and installation accessories, professionally install the lights (making every effort possible to hide all extension cords), remove the lights at the end of the season and come out to service the lights (in the rare case that it is needed).

Maybe your kids LOVE Christmas, or maybe you’re just a big kid yourself! Maybe you like to make others happy when they drive by your home. You may even be decorating for that big Christmas party this year. Regardless of the reason, we can help! Leave the decorating to us this year. We will make your home look beautiful for the Holidays without you having to worry about falling off the ladder or burning down the house.

Our service is all inclusive and we will make sure that everything is done right!

Frequently Asked Holiday Light Questions

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call. We’re standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have.

To set up your Free Estimate, you can give us a call at (281) 859-2122 or click here to request a quote online.

Once you have received your estimate and are ready to proceed, please contact us and let us know you would like to schedule. We will look for an open date that corresponds with other days we are in your neighborhood.  

Yes. We require a 50% deposit to book your date. Any date selections that a deposit has not been made for, will be released to other customers.

Final payment for the lights will be due the day following your install. We will not takedown any lights that have no been paid in full.

No. Because the lights are custom fit to your roof line, the lights belong to you after paid in full the first year. The following year, we will reach out to see if you would like us to reinstall the lights. 

Not to worry! We have crews on standby that we will send out to get your lights back in working order.

Nope! Just another way we take the hassle out of your holiday. Don’t worry about reserving a takedown date. We will put together a takedown schedule based on neighborhood and let you know what day we will be by to takedown your lights.

We provide new cardboard boxes for storage each year. When we take the lights down, we will wrap them and place them neatly inside the cardboard box.

Some of our clients prefer to have lights placed in a plastic storage bin that they provide. If you would like your lights placed in a storage bin, we just ask that you leave it on the porch for our crew during your takedown window.

We do not provide storage for the holiday lights. We will leave the lights neatly packed in boxes on your porch for you to store until the next year.

Holiday Light Gallery