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Swimming Pool Remodeling Katy, TX

If you have an old pool that’s damaged or simply outdated, don’t write it off just yet. Our pool experts can repair cracked and damaged pools so that they’re good as new. We offer pool replastering for any cracks or other surface issues that might be causing your pool to leak. Or, if you want to upgrade your pool and bring it into the 21st Century, we offer total pool renovations as well. Whatever your pool needs, Suncor Outdoors can help.

Fast and Reliable Repairs

As pools age, cracks can appear in plaster, tiles can fall off the pool’s siding, and other kinds of surface damage can arise. Whatever type of damage your pool might have experienced over the years, our team of pool experts can fix it up, patch it up, or replace it if needed. When we’re done, you’ll hardly recognize your pool was damaged to begin with!

swimming pool remodeling in katy

Give Your Old Pool a Facelift

Whether your pool’s been damaged or not, sometimes it just needs an upgrade. Perhaps your pool is little more than a hole in the ground, filled with water. Maybe the design is outdated, or it simply doesn’t match your landscape and home design. Whatever the reason, our swimming pool remodeling services can spruce it up for you.

We can create a natural-looking oasis, a contemporary resort, or a Greek-inspired getaway in your backyard. Meet with one of our designers, and we’ll discuss what your wishes are for your pool design. We’ll take photos of your pool and the surrounding area to know what we’re working with, then get right to work, giving your pool the perfect facelift. From upgrading the pool itself to adding new features or giving your pool deck a remodel, we’ll do what needs to be done to make your pool look just the way you dreamed.

Making Your Pool Safer and More Efficient

Old pools are sometimes not up to modern safety codes. Our experts can not only upgrade your pool’s exterior, but we can re-plumb them and make them safer for your family to swim in. Re-plumbing ensures that your water is circulating properly, keeping your pool cleaner. We can also retrofit old pools with modern equipment to make them more efficient, which will save you on utility bills and even the cost of chemicals for maintaining your pool.

Your in-ground pool is a large investment, and keeping it up to date protects that investment from frequent equipment breakdowns, safety issues, and other problems that can cost you money. Get it up to date, and make it safer, cleaner, and more efficient than ever.

Quality That’s Affordable

At Suncor Outdoors, we aim to make luxurious, high-quality pools more affordable for homeowners throughout Katy, TX. We work to keep the pool renovation cost low without sacrificing the quality of design or materials. Whatever your budget may be, we can work with it while still providing you with a luxurious upgrade to your existing pool and deck.

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